Family Engagement

As a former MNPS employee, Robert understands the importance of Family Engagement and the roles parents play in our students' success.  Robert will continue to work with parents as partners to make the changes necessary to achieve the educational outcomes we all desire.


The School Board has 4 main job functions.

As a seasoned public administrator, Robert will utilize his skills to provide fiscally responsible oversight to ensure the equitable distribution of resources to specifically support the schools in District 1.

Student Focused

Oftentimes students need a little more than just the basic school curriculum.  Robert will work to engage students in the development and completion of their educational journey.  Robert will always make data based decisions while making sure that the best interest of students is the primary focus in the decision making process.

Teacher Support & Compensation

Teachers and support staff are some of the most valuable resources that MNPS is directly responsible.  Therefore, we must make sure that schools are fully funded so that we can compensate our teachers and support staff appropriately.  Robert will work to ensure that only meaningful professional development will be provided.  Lastly, Robert will also strive to promote educator voice in the decision making process. e.g. Student Discipline policy