Roots & Education

Robert Taylor's story begins in the heart of Nashville, where he graduated from Fisk University in 2000 with a B.A. in Biology. But his dedication to service took root long before that. Growing up in a community brimming with warmth and resilience, Robert witnessed firsthand the power of families and the impact of strong support systems. This early exposure planted the seeds of a passion that would guide his entire life.

Furthering his commitment to making a difference, Robert pursued a Master's in Public Administration from Bowie State University in 2006. This academic journey equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to translate his passion into tangible action.

Career in Public Health

Robert's career path reflects a unwavering dedication to public health and empowering families. He is currently an Instructor and Program Manager at Meharry Medical College in the Master of Public Health Program.  His early role as a food inspector, ensuring the safety of Nashville's communities, set the stage for a diverse and impactful journey. He tackled vital issues like smoking cessation through the Smoke-Free Nashville Coalition and championed male involvement in the Music City Healthy Start program.

Through it all, Robert's heart gravitated towards fatherhood and family support. The Metro Public Health Department's New Life Program, a comprehensive initiative serving hundreds of fathers and their families, saw him thrive as Program Manager, demonstrating his ability to manage large-scale projects with a human touch.

Empowering Families & Education

Robert's expertise extended beyond public health, touching the lives of students and their families within the education system. 

Robert is an educator through and through.  He has taught at every level, from Pre-K to Graduate/Professional School.  As a Family Involvement Specialist for the Whites Creek Cluster Schools, he empowered parents and staff through insightful trainings on car seat safety, child development, and fostering strong home-school connections. His dedication to building bridges between families and educators shone through in every interaction.

This commitment to student success further flourished at Tennessee State University, where Robert spearheaded the Men's Initiative. Developing and implementing a comprehensive mentoring program, he guided young men towards academic achievement and personal growth, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

New Life Center & Leadership

The culmination of Robert's extensive experience and unwavering passion led to the founding of the New Life Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to strengthening families, particularly through fatherhood support. As President and driving force behind the Center, he oversees programs like the "Training Camp for New Dads," empowering fathers with the tools and skills they need to build thriving families.

His leadership extends beyond the New Life Center walls. Robert serves as the Church Administrator at Word of Life Christian Center International, demonstrating his deep commitment to community service and spiritual guidance.

Through his work, Robert embodies the true meaning of a servant leader. He not only tackles challenges head-on, but also inspires others to join him in creating a better future for Nashville's families.

Family, Community & Service

Robert's story transcends achievements and titles. It's a tapestry woven with love for his family, including his devoted wife Adjoa and their seven wonderful children. He finds joy in the everyday moments, drawing strength and inspiration from their unwavering support.

Robert Taylor's life is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. It's a story of someone who discovered his calling early on, honed his skills, and poured his heart into every endeavor, from ensuring food safety to empowering families and nurturing future generations. As he continues to build his legacy through the New Life Center and his countless acts of service, one thing remains clear: Robert Taylor is a force for good, enriching the lives of countless individuals and leaving a lasting impression on the fabric of Nashville's community.